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Originally Posted by VonGeiss View Post
Let me tell you guys, I drive an accord, a mustang GT (4.6L, 5spd), and my m3. First off, the accord is such a complete dog compared to both the other cars, it has absolutely NO torque, and NO power. Second, the mustang has nice initial torque, but once on the gas for over 1-2 seconds, I can tell it's already had it's moment, where as the m3 just keeps building all the way to red line.

The m3 is easily the fastest out of all three cars, but I have to give props to the mustang for a very enjoyable ride.
My cousin has a mustang 4.6 5 speed. I drove it last week and it's utter crap. Only thing I like about it was the sound. If I was buying a mustang it would be the boss 302.
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