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Ah, some of you are watching a football game I surmise.

Let me know when a commercial comes on.'re multi-talented! I loved the professor I had in that class...actually, it was Chemistry, not Thermodynamics. He once said that scientists thought that electrons were like the ouji bird, which had one wing shorter than the other, so it would fly around in smaller and smaller circles until it flew up its nucleus. Something like that. Very funny...and I remember it almost 40 years later. That's some teacher!

Anyway, so there's your diet ice. Once you get filled up, I believe you'd get a similar effect if you just laid in a bathtub filled with ice or hung out in a commercial freezer for a while. Just send Miles your dinner menu, he'll calculate the time you need to chill.

Hmmm? The "Freezer Diet"? You know, I think I'm going to work that up as a real thing, post it in the health forum, and see if I can convince anyone to try it?
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