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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
1) Get dSLR, kit lens.
2) Frustrated with onboard flash, lousy indoor pictures.
3) Get a fast prime. Amazed.
4) The lost years - all shallow DOF all the time. Talk about 'bokeh' a lot.
5) Sell all zooms. Talk about being an 'all primes' shooter like this is the same as 'have huge manhood'.
6) Grandma says "Nice picture, shame all of Suzie isn't in focus." Shake head at crazy old lady. Later realize old lady has a good point.
7) Realize that not all available light is pretty light. Get Speedlight. Amazed by bouncing light.
8) Read strobist blog. Sell all fast primes. Travel everywhere with two lightstands and remotes.
9) Get sick of lugging lighting gear everywhere. Rethink everything.
10) Realize that good available light is fine, and the ability to make good light is important too. Acquire balanced kit of zooms and primes that match interests. Shoot with available light sometimes, shoot with flash sometimes.

i laffed at this
sounds pretty accurate, although I'd add the HDR phase in there as well.
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