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Originally Posted by BMWSilberGrau View Post
The funny thing is, that image is for a 96 seadoo. That is all i could find it for too. When i searched for your specific seadoo, nothing similar pops up.

Here is were i found the image...

I am not sure what that spring is for on your particular seadoo, but you said everything is functioning fine, right? Even the reverse gate?
Thanks for the link.
I got that diagram off a website that said it was for a 2006 RXT lol so i dunno.

Yeah everything is functioning fine (outside of water) as far as i can tell. The reverse lever works and pulls down the reverse gate. I think it might be the spring pulling the lever down to the Forward position. It still goes into the Forward position but there is no pressure on the handle forcing it down, where as im pretty sure before hand the handle used to 'snap' down into Forward.

I had a look at that spring on ebay, and in the description it says it has superseded two part numbers which are not in production anymore.

Perhaps the spring that broke off my ski isn't in production and i need to get this new spring type
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