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Originally Posted by ANREC330 View Post
My cousin has a mustang 4.6 5 speed. I drove it last week and it's utter crap. Only thing I like about it was the sound. If I was buying a mustang it would be the boss 302.
Please don't get me wrong, it's scary through turns, it's not as fast in a straight line off a roll, or a dig, compared to my m3.

Obviously there are way better mustangs to get than this one, but it's an 07, one owner, with 36k miles on it to date. No paint work, never had a mechanical issue, and barely any options, just the rumble hood, perf. exhaust, and the cd changer.

But there's nothing like smoking a cigarette with the window down, blasting some lynard skynard in the mustang. The sound, and just peelin' out off the light, ripping through the gears. It's just different than the m3.

I love my m3 wayyyyyyy more than my brother's mustang, but I've been driving it a lot recently since my car's been in the shop. Let me tell you, you can get it in, and beat the piss out of it every single day, and it never skips a beat. That's something you'll never hear an e46 m3 owner say about their car.

The abuse this thing takes (when I drive it) and the fact that it's been perfectly reliable is really helping me like it more. I've really grown to love that car, but now that I got the m3 back, the mustang is going back into storage!

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