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Originally Posted by brett05 View Post
Well it only took me 10 months to finally find time to diagnose why I have no radio reception. Anyway, after removing the radio, I found the antenna lead was disconnected. Upon reconnecting it, I am getting only poor radio reception. I would rate it as a 3 out of 10.... 10 being crystal clear. I live in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, so reception is never an issue with my location.

What other possible issues could be occurring that I can check to get this working a bit better?

Here's a photo of the connection. I assume this all looks correct. It doesn't feel overly stable and secure once plugged in though. It only felt like it wanted to push in to maybe 90% of the depth of the plug on the end of the lead.

Thanks for your help guys.

Cheers, Brett

AM or FM Radio ? metallic tint is known to cause issues with reception.

The only other thing I can think of is the check all the connections on the amplifier that sits behind the passengers C pillar.
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