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Originally Posted by Fatal_Image View Post
All of you are being dumbasses, hardasses to say the least, no im not going to get out and fight a 45 year old redneck who most likely will try pulling a gun on me. The hairline crack is literally a quarter of an inch long and within the glass. Im not going to PMS about that you fvcktards.

The dude heard me coming down the street now that i think back, so he got ready to approach my car. And no - i did not try and hit the guy.

Front plate ticket is 70 bucks and i dont have a bracket, i have the euro style one-piece molding. Repair order for exhaust plus sign-off by inspection is energy and easily $100+ for labor; Im pretty low, no wheel gap whatsoever, just lost a mtech2 splitter hitting a pothole. More incentive for a cop to write me a repair order for suspension if not on top of the other things. Raising my suspension is more time and energy and money for a pointless inspection. Plus no state inspection will sign off on coils as its technically not oem, thus forcing me to put on my stock zhp suspension, which i dont even have anymore.

A cop believing a pissed off exaggerative redneck about me distrubing the nieghborhood with my exhaust = his word over mine which = money out of my pocket. A cop will give two shits about a hairline crack i have no proof was caused by his punch (which it was), all of you are being straight idiots.

Regardless, i myself am curious to see what he will do next, because i know he's expecting me again, and i will be driving past him in the next week or two.
doesn't a drivers permit require you to drive with a parent? what did you dad have to say about it? i assume he was in the passengers seat.

wait... you are 15 right?
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