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Violent Steering Vibration, don't know where to start.

I've got a 325xiT but I figure this will fit in the general section and hopefully ya'll can help me get started on trouble shooting it.

I've had some sloppy, clanky (if i turn the wheel back and fourth quickly, I can hear a noise like metalish) for about a month. It doesnt feel as firm, tight as it used too. I was driving home last week and my car started to pull to the left more than normal, even with the road crown here and then all of the sudden the steering wheel was vibrating a ton and almost shuttering left and right a bit. I pulled over, inspected and couldnt find anything obvious.

I was close enough to home that I could limp the car there, once in my neighborhood I could hear like a drum sound from the rear, something not right.

Update to today, I pulled my intake charge pipes (air filter, maf) and was looking down at the side of the engine, case and there is red fluid on top of the case, dripping down on the ground. The power steering reservoir is 3/4 full.

So, any ideas where I should start?
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