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Originally Posted by TiAg2247 View Post
Hmmm. So everyone else is wrong and only you are right. Time to take off the blindfolds.

If none of these issues are of real concern, and you obviously don't care to rectify any of it - what the hell was the point of making this thread, other than to show your ignorance?
ha please i think 2 or 3 ppl at most in this thread have been helpful. i never said that only i am right and everyone else is wrong, please dont start twisting my words. Im ignorant because i dont want to run into issues with a cop who i know wont take my word? its not that easy to slap off an exhaust, put on the oem one, raise the coil sleeves, buy new bracket to rock a front plate. Easier said than done, especially when its just to make a phone call to tell the cops a dude allegedly punched my car.

regardless, eventually cops will be called since i know this guy will flip again next time i drive by him. so peoples pantys up in a bunch about me not calling the cops will eventually be relieved. -update on me calling the cops? i dont know when, but itll happen eventually im sure of it. thats if the redneck goes haywire again because my exhaust.
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