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Originally Posted by Fatal_Image View Post
ok so, let me get this straight. youre mad because of what i didnt do, which was call the cops like an insecure blonde? Im more worried about what this guys next move is, but somehow YOURE upset that i refused to call the police immediately. Yet, im the one who gets the irrelevant 15-year old comment from you, that totally came out of left field? makes sense dude.

figures you wouldnt know anything about running into issues with a modified car. best of luck selling your pos stock 00 328i bro
that POS "stock" 328 has won more racing evens than you will win in your life. my modifications aren't there to impress all my "bros" they're there for fast times.
sorry i don't have a fart can and stickers so everyone thinks i'm a tool.

everyone in this thread thinks you're an idiot. calling the cops doesn't make you a girl. it takes care of the situation. going home crying and making a thread about it makes you a girl. you should have handled the situation as it occurred rather than running away and cry.

look dude, for your sake, i hope you're 15. because if you're not, you're a fvcking moron who needs to either get an education and stop making threads about your lack of balls, or get a job working at mcdonalds and stop making threads about your lack of balls.
your choice

i'm not telling you to beat the guy down. that would be really bad for him and you. i'm telling you to handle the situation as it is presented to you. if you ever want to grow up and be a man, you're going to need to learn how to do that.

i hope you can sort through the insults i gave you and actually find some advice in my post.

oh PS: if you think my 328 is so POS i will challenge you to a race. your choice of track as long as it's somewhat local to me. i don't care. $5k on the line. whoever can post the fastest time gets $5k from the other participant. [no r spec tires]
you gonna take that challenge with your fart can and stickers?

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