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Originally Posted by Fatal_Image View Post
Thanks for that hizhinez. someone who uses critical thinking and rationalization technique on this forum. Thankful i dont live in the neighborhood or else things would have escalated at a higher rate. im considering ripping it past him next time i go there but that would be a huge idiotic move for me to instigate like that. Im mainly wondering if he did call me in, and im also wondering to whats going to happen next when i do go back up there. im trying to prevent as much confrontation as i can. Its my fvcking car set to my fvcking liking, and i dont need to deal with spending time and energy into returning it to stock if i dont need to, all because of one lunatic.
in all seriousness, if he was sitting in his house and he called you in for a loud exhaust there's about a 3% chance of the police actually showing up. they've got bigger fish to fry.

the only time the police will bust you for a modification is if they're stopping you for another infraction.
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