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If you're going to harass him by speeding just make sure no one else is around to see or they might call you in. If this guy is randomly punching cars I'm betting he's also randomly punched a few faces which = police record, which means unless he's really stupid he pays up and shuts up (though always be prepared for revenge on his part).

Basically you have to accept that he is now your sworn enemy for life and you must do anything to prevent him from getting over on you. The best way to do this is by filing the report because at worst it gives you legal leverage for the battles that may come. It looks like he started it. If he has a record and wants to avoid grief and expense he just eats it and shuts up (hopefully at least). He needs to know that you are his master and he cannot f with you or he will, even if it just means he knows further confrontation will likely result in further reports. Bide your time and make him pay in psychological pain so deep he can't even bother to wonder who did him in, he just has to hide and hope its over. Typically after a little time has passed I find myself not caring as much as at first and happy I didn't lash out, capable of pulling harmless but annoying pranks that give me laughs and make them curse the gods of karma. However, just in case, I keep the Canadian passport I inherited rights to through my grandparents up to date and several gas cans full in my garage (multipurpose). If I ever have to commit arson or murder I don't plan to be on some gas station security cam filling up my cans, or stopping for fuel on my way to Manitoba. Boy Scouts wasn't just about tying knots, it was about smoking cigarettes and lighting massive bonfires while trying not to get caught. More than anything it was about problem solving and planning ahead. Be prepared.

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