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Originally Posted by Fatal_Image View Post
youre clearly heated. gtfo if youre going to resort to calling a rouge engineering exhaust a fart can (makes me question if you even know anything about race events or even your validity of winning race events in your 328i) and claiming i have gaudy stickers on my car, nice one. gtfo if youre going to pull the 15 yrs old card. youre telling people you dont know, to go work at mcdonalds, thats where you really need to just get off the internet in general.

and congrats on your events dude, i could give two shits about your accomplishments that youre boasting about on the internet only to negate the comment i made about your car.

before you start pulling out your resume, just stop please. **** and stop posting if youre going to **** talk on my way of handling a situation. Hopefully you can control your emotions from posting again. Thanks in advance dude.
first of all, i own 5 internets and i will not get off them
secondly, i tried helping you in my original post a ways back. i told you what you should've done, which was call the cops. now that you haven't, get over it. stop thinking about it and if something happens again deal with it at that moment rather than posting a thread about it later. when an illegal act has been committed, call the cops dude. i don't care if your car is modified and neither do the cops. seriously. the ONLY thing they might care about is your front plate. but in this case they would have done absolutely nothing about your car and that guy would've been in handcuffs.
this is not my opinion. it is fact.

and thirdly, i do not have emotions. i am a robot. that's the only way i can win races. i beat all humans because humans make mistakes.

you need to get over the fact that your car has sticky pictures and a fart can, and call the cops next time ok? it's the thing that will handle the situation best. i promise they will go after him and not you, you badass rebel with your outlawed exhaust and your "too cool fo school" coilovers.

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