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That pic looks to me like you have an updated head unit with a single Fakra antenna connector and you're actually plugging in the 'power' or ZF signal lead that connects the antenna amplifier to the older head units, which have 2 connectors.

There should be another lead in the dash somewhere that is the actual antenna lead and you will need an adapter to connect this to the newer head unit.

Have a look at this thread for some excellent info:
The first pic in the thread is the adapter I think you will need.

If you find this other lead, don't whatever you do try to connect this directly to the black Fakra connector on the back of the head unit or you will likely break off the centre pin (ask me how I know). Hopefully it's not already munted by plugging in the ZF signal lead.

If you just get the adapter, and don't replace the amplifier with a newer unit as per the above thread, you will likely get quite reasonable reception in and around a capital city. My reception in Adelaide has been acceptable for quite a few years now to the point I have only just replaced the amplifier with a newer one a few days ago but I haven't been out of the burbs yet to see if it's any better.

See post #67 for a description of how the older antenna amplifiers work compared with the new ones.

Also, if you want to know what frequency your car is without pulling off the C pillar trim, plug your VIN in here:
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