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Originally Posted by ClaytonL View Post
I have an INA tensioner and a Meyle deflection pulley that I had replaced when doing my cooling refresh 31,000 miles ago. When doing my normal inspection this weekend I noticed my pulleys both had play. The INA had more than the Meyle. Actually, INA kept spinning. Decided not to order anything less than OEM, I'll be happily inspecting/replacing these every 30,000 miles or every year for me from now on. I feel these should be inspected by everyone sooner than every 60,000-80,000 miles for the cooling system.
That's true. I agree. By play do you mean spinning like a skateboard play or back and forth play like if you wiggle it? mine was wiggling a little bit in addition to some dry sounding spinning action (though not that bad)

I feel these pulleys start feeling dry after about a month or so of use. maybe they can use some better grease packed into them? like Redline CV2? would be afraid of damaging the seal though.
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