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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post

My question is this, is it ever enough? At what point does a statist say "ok we've taken enough"?
When the budget is balanced. Hasn't that been the main rallying point for the GOP lately? Or is that merely in service as a convenient cudgel to try to implement broader ideological/policy objectives (dismantling the social safety net and social spending)? The GOP's messaging here is very confused and seems to be more tactically driven and reactionary.

If cutting the deficit/debt through spending is Priority One, then they ought to be pleased as punch for large reductions in defense spending now that we're basically out of two immensely expensive long wars (one ill fought for much of it, the other ill-conceived from the start). Propose that and Proirity One suddenly becomes Priority Seven or Eight in order to further plump up our massive defense expenditures/infrastructure/military-industrial comlex (often argued to save jobs in ____ congressional district, just the sort of economic stimulus/support argument the GOP would otherwise decry as socialism). Or how about farm subsidies? Or a range of energy subsidies? Or any other number of programs near and dear to the hearts of the GOP?

Do recall that income taxes are at a rather low level, historically spreaking.
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