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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
Three days into learning my new phone.

Two questions:

- In my BB's calendar in day or week view, if there was a calendar entry earlier or later than the hours displayed on the screen, a little arrow would be at the top or bottom to indicate there was an unseen item. That way my dumbass would know to scroll up or down. There doesn't seem to be such an indicator in the iPhone calendar and that seems so easy and important it's hard to believe it's not available. Is there a setting or preference I can turn on for that?

- The BB had a light on the front/top that I could set to blink if there was a msg, missed call, whatever. If I'm out of the room for 30 minutes, and walk back in, I could tell from across the room if there was something I needed to look at. How do you guys handle that with the iPhone?

TIA for tips from the grizzled vets.
No there is not a light. You can set alerts to "wake" the screen a certain number of times, maybe that could function as a substitute.

As for the arrow, not sure. I rarely use iCal.

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