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Originally Posted by Chris3Duke View Post
Why? I've done two different things in my houses and my parents & in-law's:

- Gone with extra ports (ie. 4 when I only need 3) and used blanks in the extra hole. I usually do this when I know there's an extra, unused wire in the wall (maybe a second coax or something), but don't want to terminate it for whatever reason.

- Switched out the plates (upgraded from 2 to 3 or 4, 4 to 6, etc.). It's minimal work compared with running the cable through the wall. Dirt cheap too. The plates are cheap, and I'm never doing more than one or two at a time.

As for Glock's post, the whole point is that these systems are modular. Need HDMI? There's an insert for that. Need component? There's an insert for that too.

Either way, the hard part is running the cables in the wall. Terminating them is easy.

Edit: I'll also say, the downside to your way is the length of the cable. What happens if you need to move something and need a longer cable? You have to do an entirely new run. If you terminate, the in-wall stuff stays the same, and your patch cable is the only thing that gets switched out.

For the signal degradation, couldn't you run larger speaker wire in-wall to allow for this?
HDMI has enough issues in its own before you start "terminating" them into wall plates.

Show me the termination plate that properly handles a simple home theater receiver:

(3) HDMI
(2) Component (6 RCAs)
(2) Digital Coax
(3) Cat5
(7) Speakers
(1) Subwoofer Coax
(2) Coax
(1) Basebank AV Set (3 RCAs)

That is 27 connections - You would have to use 5 Gangs of 6 port plates vs one 2 gang shoot port with better signal quality.

Have you ever considered the fact that you are intercepting high end cables with cheapo connectors? Weakest link is the wall plate itself.

But hey, they make em for a reason.
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