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Originally Posted by ngillan View Post
Just looking for a quick answer to a couple quick questions:
I just purchased poorboy's SSR 2.5 and SSR1 from detailed image. How much of the product should I apply to the paint (using a pad or microfiber towel)? Do I need to do the whole car to make it look even or can I just do certain areas? I plan on using these 2 products after a wash. Am I done with my car after using the SSR or is it a MUST that I apply a polish or wax after the SSR?
I would generally suggest applying the SSR 2.5 and SSR 1 to the whole vehicle for best results. If you have a few areas that need the SSR 2.5 you could just do them but then do the whole rest of the vehicle with the SSR 1. These polishes should help remove ultra imperfections and oxidation from the surface. The leave no protection behind so I'd highly recommend applying a sealant or wax afterward to enhance the shine you just created and protect the finish. Good luck!

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