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Originally Posted by sg_wannabe View Post
Greg, not sure if these questions have been asked (i.e. i did not read the entire thread), but i have a few:
1. what do you recommend that is 100% safe to clean anodized wheels?

i was planning on using a dilution of p21s total auto wash on the wheels when they are cold

2. what do you recommend for protection/sealant for the wheels?

i was told that prima wheel armour is safe. i have a brand new bottle of that. i had used poorboy's world wheel sealant on clearcoated wheels in the past and was happy with the results/protection. i was also told that this product is safe for anodized finishes/surfaces.

3. what wax do you recommend for the painted surfaces under the hood?

i am looking for a high temp wax. so far, i have only confirmed auto finesse mint rims wheel wax as being one.

Glad to help!

1.) I would avoid cleaning those wheels in direct sun when possible, because often times the mineral deposits in water can leave residue behind or tech in to the wheels as it dries. If you do work in direct sun rinse them frequently. For maintenance cleanings soap and water is just fine. When you need a stronger cleaner the SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect is top notch and it should be safe on all finishes including anodized wheels. To be safe I still always recommend testing a small area with any new product on any new surface.

The P21S Wheel Cleaner should also be safe on those wheels, but I haven't use P21S TAW on them to say for sure.

2.) I haven't used Prima so I don't have any experience to share there. For normal protection the Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant is top notch! It is very resistant to high temperature brake dust and it should help contaminants rinse clean.

Another option has recently come about for wheel protection called the 22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Coating. This stuff is incredibly strong and resistant to contaminants and brake dust. It should protect the wheels for a year or more! It's more expensive but it does work really well and the wheels look great afterward.

3.) Sealants are far more resistant to heat than any natural wax, so I'd highly recommend a sealant for under the hood. If you have a sealant handy you can certainly use that. If not the Klasse All In One (AIO) is one of my favorites, it's very durable and it helps clean while protecting.

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