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Originally Posted by p.mcconnell View Post
Hello All,

My 2004 M3 had oil leaking around the filler cap. I know this can happen so I replaced the filler cap. Now I still have oil leaking around the filler cap. Quite a bit in fact. Like about a liter every 200 miles. That stuff is expensive and you don't look cool when your ride stinks of burning oil and has smoke coming up around the hood.

So, did I just get a bad cap, or is there some other malfunction that might force oil out around the cap gasket? I'm stumped.

I had the same issue with my new aluminum oil cap, all I did was take it off, put it back on slowly and looked at it at eye level while doing so - - and twisted it slowly till it was tight, then took it off and did it again and carefully/slowly at eye level tightened it till firm. no more oil leak. Even when I got my car back from an oil change, same thing happened - - I did the above and no more oil leak. Slapping it on and twisting it won't work with these aftermarket caps, you have to be precise.

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