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Originally Posted by ST06M3 View Post
I havent posted much lately but I wanted to share my great experience with Saad/ProEFI. As you all know, I dont promote anyone. If I like a product, I will buy it and it express my opinion.

I was having an issue with idling hunting and the car would just stumble at a stop light and eventually die. This had been going on for a few months and it was extremely frustrating to drive since it would die about 75% of the time when rolling to a stop. During rush hour traffic, it was a major PITA. Saad (This applies to both Jim and Saad) and Jason showed good patience and worked with me (I was not in a good mood) to troubleshoot this issue. We went through several trial and error session and eventually turned out to be a bad VANOS which was sent to Dr.Vanos for refurb and reinstall and a faulty IAT. Jason looked over the tune and fixed some minor issues with the car running slightly rich, at idle and provided a software workaround for the IAT issue until we get that a new one ordered and replaced. Car now drives great and a bunch of the typical VANOS clacking noise is gone. Its really nice to have these guys local as they always took the time to address my concerns and issues.

I have been running the ProEFI kit for about 3 years and have nothing but good things to say. Last year I upgraded my turbo to a PT7175 DBB, with Saad HO coilpacks, Saad Stage 2 fuel system, and a few other misc items making it a hybrid Stage 3?? or 2.75...haha!. I am still running the HPF Stage 2.5 exhaust manifold and downpipes (3inch), with a AP exhaust and this car still made ~800WHP. If I had the same hardware as Marcus (Stage 3 pipes with massive 4 inch exhaust), I would have hit the same power as him. But I wanted to keep the car sounding close to stock and see how far I can push the existing HPF hardware. So far so good.

Thanks again Saad (Jim and Saad) and ProEFI (Jason) for the support!
Glad to hear it! Was wondering where you'd been! You should bring it to the Coalinga Airstrip, its WAAAAAY better than the Tronga airstrip you came to last year.
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