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Video: how to bleed your E46 non-m cooling system

I'll add this to the cooling thread (if it lets me. if not, i'll have to ask jake to add it) but I'll also put this in a new thread to increase the chance someone finds it. Hopefully it can give a visual aid in what to do. I put this together at midnight so sorry for any typos or inconsistencies.


Step 1) Raise front of vehicle on ramps or incline. This helps the air bubbles escape easier.

Step 2) Insert key, turn to the ON position (dash lights on--engine OFF)

Step 3) Turn heater to MAX heat and fan speed to LOW.

Step 4) Completely remove bleed screw and expansion tank cap. Set aside.

Step 5) Pour your desired mixture of Genuine BMW coolant and distilled water into the expansion tank. Approximately two gallons will be used to satisfy an empty system.

Step 6) Once the system is starting to fill to capacity, water and air bubbles will escape the bleed hole. Have a bucket to catch the spilling coolant. Keep pouring water or coolant (in my case, I pour distilled water only) until water comes out of the bleed hole without any bubbles. It should be a steady stream of water. Do this for about 2-3 minutes or until you are satisfied there are no more bubbles.

Step 7) Siphon off any excess water before reinstalling the bleed screw and expansion tank cap and eventually starting the engine.

Step 8) Monitor engine temps using the OBC method (Google it if you don't know how). Temps should read between 87 and 98c once the car has warmed up and driven. You might need to bleed again or top off coolant the next day.

Step 9) Keep monitoring for the next few days so the system stablizes.

Step 10) Visit and check into my cooling thread if you liked this video or information. Let me know!
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