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I would say if you have the means to do so yes send them.

Thoughtful personal note in the flowers goes a long way, mixed bouquet with 2 red roses surrounded by other colors/blooms, sends a subconcious message to her especially considering you just became "facebook" official.

I had an ex as a florist and she hated to receive flowers understandably so but I did learn a lot from her that comes in handly now

If you want to "build" one or are browsing on teleflora/800flowers/etc. go with the 2 red roses idea surrounded by white and pink. Or add some color in with yellow and orange as well as the white pink. To keep costs down you can use other flowers such as carnations (cheaper than roses by a lot especially around valentine's where a 5$ rose can cost 15$ and a 1$ carnation can cost 3$.) Baby's breath is a must as well as good vibrant greenery to "fill" the bouquet up.

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