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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Call me crazy, but that is a FAR MORE ACCURATE representation than the inverse (where that household is counted as one individual. After all, each of those mouths marks an increase in the amount of "welfare" which must be provided to that single household.
I go by statistics that have logical backings. If there are 100 checks going out to welfare recipients, I count that as 100 people on welfare. I don't count their elderly parent on SS who happens to live with them as on welfare, too. There is proof of the check going to the recipient.....there is bias and no proof that it supports 8 people underneath the recipient.

But if these data points are viewing a single household as a single person, that number is skewed. If you have a husband, wife, 4 kids, and two parents living in a household where nobody works, what is the total number of people on government assistance? 2? 4? 8?

To me, that is 8 people dependent on the government for their livelihood.
You're (gigantic) assumption that no one else works is a doozy.

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