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Originally Posted by evolved View Post

That chart is so skewed it's ridiculous. Let's take this example.....if you are on disability and you have a wife, 4 kids, an elderly parent and a disabled brother living with you that graph will count 8 people as "being on welfare".

Go look at sites like the US Department of Commerce, or the US Department of Health & Human Services. Here's a nice summary for you:

I know you are not dumb, so go back and read my post AGAIN. Obama straight up BULLSH!TTED the entire nation (almost everything out of his mouth is a complete lie) and still got himself elected. I said that 47% comment CAN BE SPUN in Romney's favor. As chase stated, he did himself a HUGE disservice for apologizing for it, rather than spin it and use it to his advantage. You pretend like politics are all facts. Again, I NEVER CLAIMED THE CHART IS ACCURATE in terms of how many people are ACTUALLY on government assistance. I said it can be DELIVERED EASILY to the average uninformed American public.

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