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Originally Posted by giggsy72 View Post
Folks, I've got what some might consider some pretty basic questions, but I've scrolled through a lot of the forums and threads and have been unable to find answers so far. Hoping some of the knowledgeable people here can either answer, or steer me in the right direction. I have a 2001 E46 M3 and I'm looking to get the Dynavin E46 D99 installed to replace the original head-unit.
I've heard that the OBC data will only display on the Dynavin if your car has CAN-BUS. Is this an accurate statement? If so, how do I determine whether my vehicle has CAN-BUS, K-BUS or something else? I've also noticed on other forums various people talking about clones for the Dynavin unit. Is there any quick way to tell? Certainly what I've been told in HK is an original unit, compares well to what I can see on the many photos uploaded on the forum. But there are slight differences, like the microphone appearing to the left of the cd-slot at the top of the unit, or slightly different writing for the SD-card ports towards the base of the unit. Living this close to Shenzhen, you're always wary of knock-offs from across the border.
All E46s have a ibus, its not really relevant though. The dynavin will display whatever info is available on the ibus, this varies by car and equipment level. The OBC readout screen is a fairly minor feature on the dynavin. Interesting but not all that useful to most....

The "clones" are not clones, they are a competing, different brand. They dont look really look the same.....they both fit an E46 so they are similar in that respect, but in the details are different, look at the buttons, the layout, etc... The dynavins come in a dynavin box, says dynavin all over it, startup screen says Dynavin on it, etc....

Just go to one of the dynaivn dealers listed on dynavins website, im pretty sure there is an HK one listed on there.

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