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Here is my split: Tell me what you think

Sunday- Chest
-flat bench; light moderate, heavy, back down the pyramid
dumbbell flat bench; same pattern
incline barbell; same
incline dumbbell; same
decline barbell

Gets me sore every time

Monday: Back
10x 4 full body weight pull-ups
seated row
lat pulldowns
dumbbell rows
3x4 pullups
7x4 assisted pull-ups
9x4 assisted pull-ups
pass out somewhere from exhaustion

Tuesday: Bi's and tri's
dumbell curls (standing)
concentration curls
cross body curls
-repeat for 3 sets of everything listed above
barbell curls; light moderate heavy back down
individual hand cable curls
triceps dips
tri pull downs
skull crushers
close grip bench
individual hand tri cable pull down

Wednesday: Shoulders
military dumbbell press
shoulder press machine
dumbbell front and side raises
dumbbell shrugs, 45lb plate raises
farmer walks

Thursday: Legs
ham and quad curls machines
back squat
leg press
front squat
calf raises

Friday: 300 Workout
25 pullups
50 deadlifts @ 135
50 pushups
50 36" box jumps
50 floor sweeps while pressing 135
25 kettle ball presses per arm
25 pullups to end

Saturday: Day off
-Think about how to improve my diet, form in the gym, workouts in general, make this week better than last.

In all these exercises my primary focus is good form, good stretch and contraction. I'm not concerned with showing off and putting up high weight so people look at me like 90% of the kids in my gym, I just do what I do and push myself harder every day. I try to up my intensity as much as possible. My strength has improved exponentially, but my size and weight gain has stabilized at 156 pounds up from 149 5 months ago. Any input is valued.
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