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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Okay, Peyton, I'm going to say this to you, finally...been meaning to for a long time.

I love your sig and your little 'hellafruit' bit, but I just can't stand the ugliness of those wheels...even though they're green...and for me, that's saying a lot.

Could you please do one of two things...sort of as a celebration of how many fn posts I have? Could you either show your beautiful e30 as intended, or make those watermelons Marissa heads or other body parts. Griffin could help, I'm sure. And there's the guy that painted my tires green in Australia...he could do it, I know!

New laptop...hate wINDOWS 8! GDI!
But but but... Did you see the thread it originated from? That's what makes it funny.

Everybody likes me sig except you. Not sure why but people really click with those melons.

Ill consider changing it to my e46. Maybe. Just maybe.
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