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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
Running less camber will help reduce uneven tire wear. Toe is the biggest factor in tire wear for sure. A car could be aligned to 0* camber with .5* toe and stil have horribly uneven tire wear. A car can be aligned to -2.5* camber with 0 toe and have perfectly even tire wear.

The BMW being rear drive for most dictates increased tire wear on the rear when driven aggressively. It also dictates that a potential unsafe driving condition could exist with too little toe in adjusted in the rear due to snap oversteer conditions. That means that some toe in is a good thing for stability and needed. The problem comes in when too much toe is mixed with a good amount of camber on a rear drive platform that has a bit of weight to it. It's a receipe for terrible tire wear. Limiting the toe and camber to as little as possible on a street driven car will help to fix this. With my settings I have perfectly even tire wear.
Ok, so more rear toe will make the rear end LESS likely to rotate, am I correct? I've also heard that increased toe in the front on a RWD car will increase stability... although my car doesn't feel any more or less stable with .27 front total toe. Although that is pretty much within the center of the Bentley specs, but I know a lot of people here swear by 0 toe in the front. And technically according to Bentley specs, I actually have too LITTLE rear toe right now?

Are the specs you guys are talking about subie and pawl with the recommended BMW loading? I've heard that loading the car according to specs will increase the rear camber by about .5, although I don't know how true that really is. Which would mean that my rear actually has quite a bit of camber.

BTW, what I noticed from my previous settings was tons of inside wear on the rear tires and a decent amount on the fronts as well. Seems to be pretty much par for the course with e46's.

FYI, Bentley alignment specs for "sport suspension" e46's assuming proper loading:
Front Camber: -.38 to -1.05
max difference left/right .5
Front Toe (total): +0.1 to +0.37

Rear Camber: -1.82 to -2.32
max difference left/right .25
Rear toe: (total): +.17 to +.37

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