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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
It has become non-PC to attack those on welfare, food stamps, and other assistance... 40 years ago, that wasn't the case....We have gotten away from that and now people taunt about abusing the system. It's a crock.

We need to fix the MENTALITY.
No, it's not because it's not PC, it's because it's a red-herring. Only idiots harp on social programs that waste 1% of the overall spending in our budget, all while ignoring 30% of our budget that is essentially handouts to those who are far wealthier. Only idiots claim their is major fraud in the "welfare system" but cannot provide proof, only idiots will chastise people for using public assistance programs that are available to them, but simultaneously ignore or even idolize people for utilizing the tax system to skirt as much financial burden as possible.

It's not because it's not politically correct, it's because it's stupid, just like the people who believe that bullshit. And if you feel like you fall into that category, so be it.

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