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Well it's a button labeled dsc. Dynamic Stability Control (in a nutshell, traction control). In a manual e46 m3 it's a little button where the seat heater buttons are, the acoustic booster button, the tire pressure sensor button, etc. Im not exactly sure where it's located at in an smg but I assume it's in or around the same spot or maybe on the steering wheel. Anyway, as far as I know, in an smg if you simply press the button, it only raises the threshold of the dsc and prolongs the engagement. So instead of intervening as soon as the wheel speeds don't all match, it will let the car have a little more freedom before kicking in. From my understanding, in order to completely disengage the dsc, you must hold the button down for 5 seconds or so. Then it will turn completely off and you can go through a set of rear tires in a couple minutes if that's what you're into lol I'd say give the holding down method a shot and see how that goes. In a manual it's simply on or off with the push of a button but hey, I'm sure the in between can be useful on track days and auto cross and stuff. Good luck
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