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Thanks for the info Jeff.

Agreed it's not the most interesting data, it was more a way for me to determine whether or not this guy was spinning me a line. He is apparently an authorised dealer, but while the main buttons and dials are in the right place, little things just look different. Microphone and RST holes either side of the CD-slot, rather than at the base of the unit near the dials. Smooth, slightly shiny finish, rather than the more textured matt finish to match the other interior trim. User Manual looks like a nicely photo-copied booklet titled "Multi-Media Entertainment User Manual", doesn't mention Dynavin or have Dynavin branding anywhere on it. The language barrier here isn't always the easiest, so all the other litle differences and then the claim the OBC data won't display.........just trying to be cautious over here in HK.
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