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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
If you could get Soros, Buffett, Murdoch, Cramer, Peter Schiff and Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner) in the same room I wonder what they would say about the economy, where we are headed and our current political leadership ?
Funny you mentioned this. I was at a clients house the other day and after I was done doing my thing, me and a couple of his billionaire buddies were sitting around shooting the sh*t about this exact topic.

Basically they don't give two sh*ts about the politics, whether they agree with them or not. They are totally concerned with their money and where it is going. All of them want to get their companies and holdings out of CA and a majority of them are already in process of shifting holdings overseas.

Aside from me feeling incredibly poor, it was pretty enlightening to hear their opinions, not a one really had anything bad to say about Obama like right wing nutjobs, just that they don't agree with how taxing the top tier fixes anything. While that is not shocking, it is interesting to hear it from the horses mouth that they will not hire anyone until they see what unravels this year.

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