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Originally Posted by Micah D. Cranman View Post
I understand you're upset, and you've got a right to be.

As you pointed out, words are cheap, which is why I haven't made any statements regarding the status of the project or an expected timeframe. We aren't going to make any more promises we aren't 100% sure we can keep.

Regarding previous statements being false, that's just not true. Aside from the fact that this is a capital-intensive project, both to engineer and purchase product for, we've also had to scrap an entire design and start fresh again. Our initial version didn't meet our standards. But, we should have known better and not said a peep until we were sure the project was done and ready for launch.

Won't happen again.
I know I do not have a lot of clout on the forums as I am a newbie to them but..... I think you may be missing the "need" of most the forum members including myself interested in this product. I am a small automotive business owner myself and can completely understand the troubles you have run into. However....

Here is the problem, in order for BSW to correct their blunder consumers NEED a projected time frame. Even if you guys at BSW want to play it safe and give yourselves extra time (if you expect the project completed in 6 months say 1 year, etc...) Many people including myself have been holding out on upgrading their audio system. However.... I am finally at the point where I need to make a decision if I proceed to build a system w/o the amp or if I wait longer for the project. Those of us in limbo NEED some kind of guidance. For instance I am willing to wait 6-9 months but am in no way willing to wait 2 years.
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