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If you have a car with 130K and you have only done oil changes at 15K intervals, I'm calling BS! These engines (or any engine at that) will not last that long with that kind of upkeep...Notice how before BMW came out with the "Free" maintanence program, they recomended every 3-5K, but now its 15K? everything would be gunked up by now and VANOS would not even work...As far as mods go, you can mod and maintain at the same time...he said stuff about suspension and whatnot....So replace shocks and springs with some nice bilstien ones...this will help performance in the turns and make it look good as it is lowered...definately change out the control arm bushings...use polyurathane or at the min the heavy duty ones...they go quickly...about your o2 sensors; buy a K+DCAN cable for 35 bucks, download BMW Standard tools, and then buy can delete your after cat O2 sensors...may still need to replace before cats though...You get the picture now
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