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Originally Posted by Marty19 View Post
Hi all,

Just installed one of these units and trying to get to grips with it. Due to my inquisitive nature I have managed to root it and then apply various changes to the build.prop to screw it up but then managed to get it up and running again by trial and error .... does anyone have the original build.prop so I can get back to where I started from?

Also, I am using a Samba Mobile dongle (for free 3g data) but have to use the PPP Widget to manually connect it everytime I boot up ... any idea's how I can automate this?

Also wanting to install Torque via bluetooth but starting to appreciate this may not be possible ... any progress on this?

You can extract the original build.prop from this file. You'll probably want to change your display's density though.

Not sure on the 3g dongle thing.

I don't know of a bluetooth adapter that works at the moment, as I haven't been able to test any. However, there are USB and Wifi ELM327 devices that should work fine with Torque.

Originally Posted by CTRob View Post
Does the USB hub really need to be powered?

I use a Belkin 4 port USB hub currently with a Dynavin d99+ and that works perfectly.
It doesn't need to be powered, unless you're using a device that requires more power than the USB port pushes, such as an external hard drive. USB sticks / dongles / etc should be plenty happy with the current bus power.

Originally Posted by kaciker View Post
Hi guys

I have the model Enco B-090, for my E90
I understand that everything you write here is also valid for this model.
Is that so? especially the root issue..

Tcc8925 1.2g cpu

Root should be the same for this model.

Originally Posted by kaciker View Post

I have exactly the same problem. My SDcard is empty, and no system come to it.
Apparently is not mounted. Did you manage to solve this topic?
Mintimperial can help you with this one. There's a modification that can be made to the vold.fstab file that should resolve the issue with it reporting the internal SD as damaged.
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