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Originally Posted by ara View Post
Thanks man. Any tips for front crawl in regards to breathing? And man my butterfly stroke sucks. Any tips
Front crawl / freestyle: Breathing is all relative to how you feel cardio wise. The generally accepted manner is to take a breath after every 3rd stroke. Meaning you alternate breathing on your left and right sides. When I was in good shape and did the 500, I would start by breathing every 5 strokes so I could keep streamline just a little longer, but as I got tired I'd go down to 3. You can do drills too! One lap at 7 strokes, then 5, then 3, then back up etc.

Butterfly: Its just a hard stroke to do man. I was never very good at it, only raced it a couple of times. I used to just keep my heels together as tight as possible and really use my calfs/ hamstrings to really force water away from me as you kick like a dolphin. Just make sure to get those arms up nice and high above your head too. The more water you move, the quicker it will be over. When you get tired people tend to lower the angle at which their hands come out of the water, and that just slows you down. Do your best man, its an exhausting stroke.
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