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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
I would agree too, but I'm making gains with this. I'll add another set in at the end to make it 25 reps total, same as a 5x5 scheme to please y'all And I'm going to lower weight / increase reps for RDL.

When I start plateauing, I'll start making it harder on myself (like I do with bench). But for now I'm enjoying this!

I'm doing between 8 - 11 reps of deadlifts total through 2 sets... I don't know how TOT applies to deadlifts, but I am literally dead after two sets... and can't get weight off the floor.

I'll have to look more into how TOT applies to heavy compound lifts
You're making gains (..lifting consistently will do that), but you could be better optimizing your lifts. Why waste so much time/effort on heavy RDL's when you could be squatting more and realizing more FULL BODY gains???? You should be making it harder on yourself NOW. Change your approach man!

As for your rep scheme for dead lifts.... should adjust that as well. I'm regularly achieving 50-ish dead lift reps not including my two warm up sets at 135 lbs.


135 lbs. ...2 x 10 (..warm-up)
225 lbs. ...1 x 10
315 lbs. ...1 x 6
465 lbs. ...1 x 2
225 lbs. ...4 x 8 (..and by this time these sets are HARD, and are a real cardiovascular/muscular challenge)

Again, if you want to grow, you need more time under tension. The body only adapts when you force it too.
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