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I agree with you on the RDL, I'll change it up.

But check my example for deadlifts, my muscular endurance just isn't there yet. What takes you 50 reps to fatigue yourself takes me 12-14 (believe me, I want to be at 50). I know I'm posting this on the internet without "proof" but trust me... I have nothing left in the tank.

This was a couple weeks ago:

135 x 6 (warmup)
225 x 6 (warmup, I stopped warming up so heavy btw)

285 x 4
275 x 1
225 x 4

I literally couldn't get 275 off the floor after that first rep, it was ridiculous. Tried to go to 225, got 4 reps.

And I've pulled 275 x 8 before, and 315 x 1.

I'm going up steadily in weight lifted, and trust me I'm way outside my comfort zone. When that changes, I know I need to increase the intensity even more.

I'm all ears for optimization for sure, but you have to remember my strength levels are still just past intermediate and I may just not need that sort of volume / TOT. Really trying hard not to sound like I'm making excuses btw I just really believe I'm giving the intensity I need to grow!
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