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I didn't realize I'd been implicated in this thread within the first couple of posts or I'd of chimed in.

I did my suspension replacement in 2007. I used Meyle HD FCA's and OE lolipops with Powerflex polyurethane FCAB's. I purchased a tube of copper Molylube to lubricate the polyurethane, which I found out after the fact is what Powerflex includes with their kits.

My initial impression after installing the polyurethane FCAB's was that there was no noticeable increase in road noise or change in comfort.

I used to drive a 500 mile a week commute and racked up 80k on my car in no time flat. over the last couple years I've added another 35k so I'm sitting at 115k on the Meyle HD's and the Powerflex.

I just went through the front suspension about a month ago and replaced the inner/outer tie rods with Lemforder. I also pulled the FCAB's for inspection. They looked like they were brand new. There is literally no wear on them. The ball joints are still tight too. I took it in for alignment when I finished the work. The shop commented that everything was in spec and there was no play in the suspension.

I know that information is water under the bridge for you Doug but it may be of interest to others making the same decision and happen to find this thread.

I'm sure the Lemforder is a good decision so I wouldn't worry about it. Personally I'm glad I've got the Powerflex FCAB's and would recommend them. Knowing what I know about the Meyle products I've used since they corrected some quality control issues, I'm sure the Meyle HD bushings will be a much better replacement than the OE too.

The end of the control arm should be a hex pattern IIRC. I thought the M's had the keyhole but it's completely conceivable that they would provide a part that fit both non-M and M.

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