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Originally Posted by Tchleung View Post
Did you ever dyno before and after to see for any gains or losses?

Aside from the pure sound, how does the car actually feel now? Everything I've read and seen shows massive loss of low end torque, much like BW's 3.5 race exhaust, but gains are to be had up top.
Unfortunately I do not have dynos before and after.

The car just feels like it "flows" better. That 'puny' rattle that the M3 is known for is gone, which leaves just a pure aggressive grunt. Now, with the dump valve open, you can feel an immediate decrease in power in the low end. I never drive with it open anyways, it's just there for the 'cool' factor. I honestly didn't feel a loss in power going from my old Super Sprint midpipe setup to this 3.5" single midpipe.

I have a friend who got a similar exhaust made by FMU. Only difference is that he didn't want it to be so loud so he had them install 2 resonators and since he is NA, his midpipe is only 3" rather than 3.5".

Here is the build thread:

Here is the the thread with dyno numbers:
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