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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
I'm really serious about doing this very soon...I can't take my lights anymore...and I didn't read all 36 pages!

I looked at the kits, but haven't a clue what all I need or don't need. I'm oldstyle headlight, so at least can get my lens cover off with no problem...but from there, I'm really lost.

Can I do projector hids in a pre-facelift? Anyway, you lighting guys are speaking a language I haven't quite picked up on...all I can figure out is I need a projector, a bulb, and ballast...maybe some other electronic gizmo too...and then I need to get the car flashed...or is that optional?

Could I leave it as it is...have four bulbs on with high lights and have flash to pass as I am now? I have day time running lights too...if the flash is necessary, does that 'kill' the drl?
You can do HIDs in a prefacelift. You should be able to follow this thread more or less exactly. Or you can buy a set of OEM HIDs and use those.

Technically recoding the LCM is optional if you use an error canceler... but I think recoding it is the best way to go. If you're willing to buy a cable, I can guide you to coding your LCM.
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