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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
In general, it's easy to judge one's intelligence immediately by their grammar; the way they form sentences, use punctuation, use capitalization, spelling, etc.

but ive defanitely seen ppl who are realy smart in person and no a lot but still have bad grammer when writing. or dumbasses who use fancy words to try too sound smart.

Do you instantly judge people and look up to them or down on them merely based on whether they're using big fancy words versus not knowing the difference between there/their/they're?

or do you try to look past there weak education and see if their good problem solvers and just smart in a different way?

Grammar can be based on someone's cultural environment or education background. When some are set in a learning environment they tend to reference real life experience instead of learning the rules for proper grammar. Have you ever heard of the expression "You talk a good game" ? Anyone can speak proper but if you can back that up with some knowledge, then it means nothing. Also, it is a known fact that America has been one sided for years on education. So much so that, you can meet someone who has a 5th grade education but still has a lot of knowledge in a field that they are passion about. I was watching a documentary on George Washington Carver. He had no formal education prior to college. What he did has was a thirst for knowledge. This guy invented stuff back in 1890s that we still use today.

Plus in America we don't speak or write English. Its a form of English. Over 400 million versions of the "English" language. Pop culture and immigrants changes the way we "speak". Again, for this reason you can judge someone on the grammar (verbally or literally)

Originally Posted by Dan99 View Post
grammar is not always a good indication of intelligence, imo.

I totally agree.
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