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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
It's hard to accept but is believable someone could run 130K on factory recommended intervals and have a tight engine. The VANOS issue is related to the seals not oil breaking down. Perhaps the "free maintenance program" was before LL rated synthetics were born?
I totally think it's plausible if not even likely, that a car could run for 130k on factory service intervals without the engine imploding. BMW aren't morons and they don't want their reputation scored by grenaded engines and failing drive trains.

The thing I don't find plausible is that nothing requiring work has happened in 130k miles... In addition, the water pump and thermostat should be changed out at ~100k or 110k at the most simply for peace of mind. Not to mention the supposed "lifetime" driveline fluids which, for the record, I don't believe.
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