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Regarding the USS Truman Strike Group's delayed deployment. Every American who feels some sort of anxiety related to the current economy, should Now be making a demand of their representatives to Act on delivering a budget. When budget constraints affect our ability to control the world's oceans with American presence, the whole world suffers. Delaying Truman's deployment means there will be only one carrier in the Gulf. This puts that strike group at risk.. This is a first in History.. The inability to put to sea, like the Russians in the early 90s, signals our demise as a world power. But first it diminishes the the credibility of every congressman's office.. indeed it diminishes the office of the President.
Saw this comment elsewhere. Seems like folks are pissed and everyone has their reasons for the passing of a budget.
Originally Posted by SonicBoom
Europeans are stoopid. They keep splitting countries, while being jealous of our powa. Of course the EU is good for them, but does that have any real power?

Not even mentioning the efficiencies of larger countries.

As divided as this country is, at least we are one.
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