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Originally Posted by spherehunter View Post
Thanks, The belt is new I was definitely going to replace water pump plastic pully with a metal one. BV Auto have a cooling overhaul kit for 334.95. I have to check out which tensioner I need to get.

Complete cooling system overhaul in a convenient kit! Includes the following components:

Radiator - Nissens
Radiator Expansion Tank
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose
Coolant Level Sending Unit
Expansion Tank Bleeder Screw
Water Pump & Gasket - With Upgraded Metal Impeller - Meyle
Thermostat & Gaskets - Wahler
Coolant Temperature Sensor

I cant find anything on the Transmission check valve though.

Thanks for your response.
How about expansion tank cap and belts? water pump pulley bolts? how about fan/fan clutch (assuming you are auto)

as far as metal impeller, that is not an "upgrade" in other words, there's no reason to mention its material.
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