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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
The wear doesn't have to be par for the course, trust me.

All of my cars are aligned with my weight in the passenger seat. I am the one who is in my car most and I don;t often take around passengers in this car so why shouldn't it be setup for the most common situation. I can tell you that my 200 pounds in the driver's seat does change the alignment, but not drastically. All LHD cars will typically gain -.1* of camber in the front right and maybe the same in the right rear, lose a .1* of negative camber in the front left and typically none in the left rear. Toe will change as a result of camber depending on the setup of the suspension.

The specs I use are much less than what BMW recommends, but I never follow the recommended OEM specs anyway. On the E36/46 0 toe in the front works pretty well. I typically dial in a hint of toe in for straight line stability on my daily driver. On my track cars though I go with zero or a hair toe out.

I really think you would be happier with a different alignment. Again, I would really recommend the guys at Turn in Concepts. They do all my alignments on my cars and know what they are doing.
Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have firestone's lifetime alignment, so I will probably try another firestone first. Anyone know of a Firestone that actually knows about alignments in Ohio? I will probably post up on OhioBimmers as well, maybe someone there knows. But yea, if they fail as well I may consider giving somewhere else a shot.

But yea, I'm thinking targeting .1 degree total toe front, equal out the front camber if possible (some say front camber isn't adjustable?), equal out the rear toe, but try and keep it towards the low end of the range (.15 to .2) and equal out the rear camber (keeping it low as possible while still being equal)

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