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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Man, focus on drinking lots of water and don't worry about your sodium intake. If you are eating homemade meals you will be fine. If I had to worry about sodium on top of everything else I'd probably kill myself or give up. I add salt to all my meals, as well as sauces that I make etc. It's minor in the grand scheme of things! You can cut it out if you are trying to lose water weight but its just nitpicking. At least in my opinion......

Depending on a workout or rest day (carbs vs fat) my sides could be greek/spinach salad, vegetables with a cream sauce made from campbells cream stock / seasonings, baked potato, rice, etc. Usually I don't have a "side", I make meals that are just a combination of everything (and taste amazing). Stir fry is an obvious example for a great protein / carb / vegetable source.
i just said sodium to avoid writing out a long explanation. i'd been eating these:

ive been wanting to move over to more homecooked meals and raw produce instead

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