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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Curious question too...

When lifting heavy, you are more likely to take longer (at least I am) with each rep. Using bench for example, if I put up 135 x 10 I can do explosive reps where total TUT is 1-2 seconds, but when I bench 170 x 5 its somewhere in the 8-10 second range, especially when pushing (I control the weight down and then it takes me a good 5-6 seconds to get it back up, especially on last reps).

Are you still achieving adequate TUT for growth, or is it more "volume" (set # x rep #) related
I think you may be over estimating the time on the heavy lifts. I know I've rarely ever seen anyone take 8-10 seconds for a single rep. That's almost a minute of benching at 5 reps. I know 8 seconds doesnt sound like a lot but I just counted in my head and it seems like there is no way my regular heavy sets are that long. If they were they'd have to be negatives. It is slower but it's not nearly that slow. But I do see what you're saying. It may be similar in terms of TUT.

This is my max Press and it's still only 2.5-3 seconds long.

Same as my front squat

If these took me 8 seconds I'd definitely fail.

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